Sewage pipe hotel, Austria

Photo © Dietmar Tollerian

Call me strange, but the idea of sleeping in a concrete sewage pipe doesn’t grab me. I’m thinking slime, stench, rats. Yet at the Das Park Hotel, near Linz, that’s exactly the accommodation on offer.

To be fair, the Das Park Hotel has squeezed about as much comfort as you can into each 2.5m section of concrete tubing. Each “room” has a double bed, fresh bedding, painted walls, a lamp, storage space, electricty and a code-lock door. The location is good too, with the pipes scattered around the lovely Rodl park, on the banks of the Danube.

What’s more, the hotel operates a “pay as you wish” system – a night’s stay costs as much as you can afford or want to pay!

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  • Anthony Elliott says:

    Hopefully they don’t get too many earthquakes in Austria, or it could be one wild ride!

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