Olympus tree houses, Turkey

Photo © Elena Pleskevich

Would you like to live out your childhood dream of sleeping in a tree house? Then visit the village of Olympos, a whole metropolis of tree houses, and take your pick.

It started twenty years ago when some Ozzie backpackers asked a local farmer if they could sleep in his wooden storeroom. He decided to build more “storerooms” to hire out and the idea caught on. Now, there are over twenty “camps” amongst the pine trees and orange groves, offering a hotch-potch of stilted houses, quirky huts and rustic platforms with kilims, cushions and rugs.

The setting is spectacular. Pick your way through Roman ruins to the blue, blue sea. See turtles emerge to lay their eggs on the beach. Or wander up the mountain to see the chimeira, the eternal burning flames.

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