Magic Mountain Lodge, Chile

Magic Mountain Lodge, Huilo Huilo, South Chile

Want to wake up under a waterfall in the middle of a South American forest? It can be a good deal drier and comfier than you think.

Deep in the South Chilean forests of Huilo Huilo is a large conical mound covered in foliage, water cascading down its sides, a rope bridge strung from its higher reaches and windows peeping through the greenery.

Named the Montaña Mágica Lodge, it appears a cross between a fountain, hobbit hole, volcano and four-star hotel. Inside it’s all roughly hewn tree trunks, spiralling stairs, rustic decor and strange angles. There are 13 rooms, as well as space for a bar, restaurant, kids room, sauna and um…mini golf.

Meanwhile, the lodge looks out on lush forest, inhabited by toucans, eagles and lizards and up to the beautiful Arenal Volcano.

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