Lapland igloo hotel, Finland

Ice bar at Kakslauttanen igloo hotel, Finland © Charlotte Amelines

Cuddle up in animal skins and bed down in a bona fide igloo in Kakslauttanen Hotel and Igloo Village, Finland.

Situated far above the Arctic Circle but a short flight north from Helsinki, this hotel has snug log cabins and quirky glass igloos (ideal for spotting the Northern Lights) year-round.

However the real attraction is the igloo village, which springs up every winter. Guests huddle under snowy roofs, sleep on a bed of ice and wrap themselves in reindeer furs. And in case your caveman urges get out of hand, they also carve an ice chapel for weddings, complete with ice sculptures and an ice bar.

Several more ice and igloo hotels can also be found around the world, notably in Sweden, Alaska, Quebec and Switzerland.

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