La Rosa campsite, England

Forget nylon sleeping bags and concrete shower blocks. La Rosa is an enchanting campsite full of amusing quirks and delicious surprises.

Nestled in a valley in the North Yorkshire Moors, it is lit by candles and fairy lights and made entirely from recycled, reclaimed and found objects. There’s no need to take a tent. Instead you sleep in unique vintage caravans filled with kitsch knick-knacks collected from car boot sales.

There’s an open-air roll-top bath in the orchard and a gramophone in the shower. There’s a (real) circus tent with a dressing-up rail and a cauldron of mulled wine over the communal fire. There’s even a caravan sweet shop selling jelly babies and dolly mixture.

Be warned though: You might find yourself snuggling up under a 3D picture of the pope.

Written by - Photo by La Rosa Campsite

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