Indoor caravan hotel, Berlin

Indoor caravan hotel, Hüttenpalast, Berlin, Germany © Hüttenpalast

Fancy a holiday in your own cosy little caravan, but worried about rainy weather and nasty chemical toilets? Then the Hüttenpalast Hotel is your answer.

Located inside an old vaccuum cleaner factory in the heart of Berlin, the Hutten Palast is set up like an indoor campsite. It offers a variety of caravans from the 50s, 60s and 70s – each lovingly and uniquely refurbished – or a choice of little wooden cabins if you prefer.

Complete with garden benches and tables to sit on ‘outside’ and washing lines hung between trees, the Hüttenpalast encourages a playful, communal atmosphere.

Although the prices are budget, the feel of the hotel is boutique. There are posh showers, coffee and croissant in the morning (included), an arty veggie café and a quirky oasis of a garden.

Oh, and proper toilets.

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