Iglu-dorf, Switzerland

Photo © Stephanie Klocke

Unleash the Inuit inside by spending a night in a real life igloo. Or just indulge in a post-ski snack with a creamy fondue.

Iglu-dorf creations are an incredible feat, built every winter in 7 locations around Europe, only to be washed away with the summer sun. Relax in between runs with a hot chocolate and a wander around the masterpiece snow carvings and sculptures.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, the igloos provide a range of accommodation to rest your wary limbs. You can try your hand at building your very own igloo, or even get married in a custom–built chapel carved into a snow drift.

These photos are of Iglu-dorf in Zermatt, but the villages can also be found in Klosters, Titlis, Gstaad, St Moritz, Zugspitze in Germany and in Andorra.

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