Igloo village, Slovenia

Photo © eskimska-vas.si

If you are looking for an authentic, no frills, eco-friendly skiing experience this winter then there’s only one place to stay: Krvavec’s igloo hotel.

Upon arrival you are directed to the bar and given an Apful Strudel, a local speciality created from mulled cider, Malibu and cinnamon. As cosy as this sounds, guests are soon in for a shock. Far from the luxury that the label of hotel suggests, these igloos provide pretty basic conditions. Sleeping bags and animal furs are provided to protect you from the -30C temperatures and in the morning the closest you’ll get to a shower is a roll in the snow.

However, if you’re willing to brace the cold and forget about home comforts, this won’t seem so bad when you wake up to fresh, untouched pistes the next morning.

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