Gypsy caravans, Scotland

One of the roulottes (gypsy caravans) at Roulotte Retreat, Scotland © Roulotte Retreat

Roulotte Retreat allows you to stay in one of seven intricately crafted gypsy wagons (albeit stationary – no horses to pull you here!) in the Scottish Borders. Each caravan is kitted out with a personality all its own, with themed carvings and fabrics, as well as vintage furniture and crockery.

Expect a wealth of quirky details. One magic-themed wagon comes with strawberry plants, fairies, hares and butterfly windows with beautifully coloured glass. While the ‘Maharani’ comes with elephant coat hooks, silk sari fabrics, velvet throws and Indian daybeds.

These are heated and self-catering caravans, with a little kitchen area and en suite facilities.

And just beyond your pleasingly creaky doorsteps? A lovely wildflower meadow. It’s all rather dreamy really.

Written by - Photo by Roulotte Retreat

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