Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Giraffe Manor, Kenya © Giraffe Manor

We’ve all experienced a dog begging for titbits at the table when we’re eating.

But a giraffe…?

The grounds of Giraffe Manor, a hotel just outside Nairobi, are home to a herd of semi-tame giraffes. Every morning at breakfast time they stroll over to the house and poke their heads through the dining room windows looking for treats.

You can also come eyeball to eyeball with them at the window of your first floor hotel bedroom and feed them pellets from the bucket provided. Each giraffe has its own name and personality. There’s Lynn, for example. She’s the eldest and the most insistent on getting treats. Then there’s Arlene. Small, pretty, loves to be hugged.

The staff will even demonstrate how to do a ‘giraffe kiss’. If that’s your thing.

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