Elinor’s Museum and Hostel, Canada

Photo © Beth Bower

You’re likely to learn more than locals want you to know at this quirky seaside enclave. A visit to Elinor’s Museum lands you at the edge of North America and inside the oddly personal histories of village residents.

Its friendly and eccentric founder, a one-time ship stowaway, turned the tiny huddle of fishing shacks into an unofficial visitor centre. The Dis and Dat Shop showcases knick-knacks and crafts previously owned by residents, from stuffed toys to hunting trophies. Rustic accommodation is available, but not for the finicky.

For this ruggedly authentic peek into life along Nova Scotia’s Lighthouse Route, from Highway 103 exit to Port Medway and turn right at the church. Follow the signs and trail of children’s toys tethered to trees. Be sure to stop at the old cemetery to count stones inscribed, ‘Lost at Sea’.

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