A Room for London, England

A Room For London, on top of the Southbank Centre © Courtesy of David Kohn Architects and Fiona-Banner

One designer hotel. One bedroom. One highly unusual location. And a whole lot of awesome views over London.

A Room for London is actually a temporary art installation rather than a hotel. But guests are invited to stay within the two level boat-shaped structure, which overlooks the Thames from the roof of the Queen Elizabeth hall at the Southbank Centre.

It sits there as though stranded there by a colossal wave, and enjoys a view of many of the capital’s most famous sites from Big Ben to St Paul’s Cathedral.

David Kohn Architects collaborated with artist Fiona Banner to design the room, which will stay in its current location through 2012 after which it may float to other lofty locations around the city.

Dates through from January to June are already sold out; booking for July to December opened on 19th January 2012.

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