Quirky Guide

“Peculiar travel suggestions are like dancing lessons from God”
—Kurt Vonnegut—

About Quirky Guide

In a nutshell, we aim to:
Celebrate the eccentric.
Unearth the unexpected.
Tread unbeaten paths.
Get lost. A lot.

As the old Chinese proverb goes, “The wise man seeks the unexpected, and finds it all around him.”

OK, that may not actually be a proverb as such. Or Chinese. In fact, to be honest, we just made it up. But the sentiment is true enough.

We believe in the buzz of discovery. The thrill of stumbling upon something new, unusual or surprising as hell. We love to travel the world with wide-open eyes, and to champion its lesser-known corners and curiosities. Even when they hide on our own doorstep.

We started QG as a labour of love in 2008, when there were no other websites doing the same. Back then, we were a small team of travel writers, editors and journalists giving up our spare time to catalogue offbeat travel experiences we had encountered around the globe.

Today we welcome everyone with a passion for travel to take part. Just get in touch with your suggestions of places, events or experiences to include in the guide, or even better, apply to write for us.

Core team: Charlotte Amelines, Ruth Banks, Antony Barton, Claire Potter and Alys Ince.

Contributors: James Bainbridge, Alex Gladwell, Caroline Lewis, Bianca O’Neill, Helen Ochyra, Claire Owen, Marie Peyre, Kate Ross, Natasha Al-Atassi, Beth Bowers, Nancy Brown, Kelly Dennett, Nina Derham, Jeni Fisher, Sarah Gibbons, Melissa Hogenboom, Roshina Jowaheer, Mike Martin, Kate Megeary, Ross McGill, Hina Pandya, Sarah de Sainte Croix, Natalie Schaefer, Jenna van Schoor, Claire Shropshall, Stephanie Sowden, Sarah Warwick, Joshua Weinman, Rachel Webb, Mike Whyte and Emily Williams.

Special thanks: To Andrew Skinner, Alex Amelines, Ruth Banks, Nick Ryan, Johanne Stephenson, everyone who takes the time to contribute and keep Quirky Guide alive, all the kind people who share their talent under creative commons, and to you for reading.

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