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Gnome Reserve, North Devon © David Masters

Gnome Reserve, Devon

Which British town has the most garden gnomes? We’re betting this one.

Breakfast at Brennan’s, New Orleans

A New Orleans institution serving famously exhaustive three-course breakfasts, and practically setting the roof alight with its signature flambéed bananas.

Bern Bear Park, Switzerland

Meet Björk and her bear buddies in Bern’s unique riverside park.

Ceremony of the Keys, London

One of London’s more curious ancient traditions that has survived untouched to the modern day.

Jane’s Place, England

A perfect antidote to the manicured gardens and twee tea shops of the Cotswolds.

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Cow painting festival, Luxembourg

Kaleidoscopic farm animals? Why it’s every summer’s essential.

Easter bottle kicking, England

Need an outlet for your Easter sugar rush? Then join in this peculiar annual melee of bottle kicking in Leicestershire.

Festival of the Steel Phallus, Japan

This traditional Shinto fertility festival comes to a head on the first weekend of April.

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Bethelehem, Church of the Nativity © myheartinpalestineII

Postcard from Bethlehem

Lena Walton visits Bethlehem on Christmas Day, but a few zillion other people have the same idea.