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Gnome Reserve, North Devon © David Masters

Gnome Reserve, Devon

Which British town has the most garden gnomes? We’re betting this one.

Breakfast at Brennan’s, New Orleans

A New Orleans institution serving famously exhaustive three-course breakfasts, and practically setting the roof alight with its signature flambéed bananas.

Bern Bear Park, Switzerland

Meet Björk and her bear buddies in Bern’s unique riverside park.

Ceremony of the Keys, London

One of London’s more curious ancient traditions that has survived untouched to the modern day.

Jane’s Place, England

A perfect antidote to the manicured gardens and twee tea shops of the Cotswolds.

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Flitch Trials, Essex

This centuries-old contest for married couples lends a whole new meaning to the phrase bringing home the bacon.

World Bodypainting Festival, Austria

If the alien cast of Star Trek were to walk through this cult festival in their underwear, nobody would bat an eyelid.

Chaps’ Olympiad, London

An Olympiad for the ‘immaculate of trouser, the frail of form and the fearful of sport.’

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Crazy Bear, London

All seems normal at this bar-restaurant until you visit the toilets, where every door, surface and wall is mirrored. Mirrors + cocktails = a trickier loo trip than imagined!